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Queer Tango London exists to encourage the dancing of queer tango. We believe this should not only be enjoyable (very enjoyable!), but also help advance social and political objectives rooted in equality, inclusivity and freedom.

There has been a deeply disturbing shift in the social and political climate around the globe, including in the UK, where populists (for the most part) are ruthlessly exploiting divisions in society for their own ends. Whether it is in demonising foreign migrants, refugees, the LGBT+ community, women, black people or indeed any other minority, hatred and fear are being turned into political capital.  

Dancing to Change the World! is QTL’s sustained response to these worrying developments. If we are threatened with persecution, so are others.  In Dancing to Change the World we use queer tango to reach out to other communities, to reinforce the message that they are not alone, and that with goodwill, we can work together to push back. We need not be strangers to one another.  It is this thought that pushed QTL to launch Fraction for Freedom.


So far we have run a series of collaborative events to show that together we can change the world. . 

  • On 11 March 2022 we held a charitable milonga, giving all of QTL's profits for that night to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.  In total we raised £287.  

  • On 15 October 2021 we held a charitable milonga raising £431.05 to the Rainbow Railway US.

  • On December 2018 we held a joint milonga with Tango on the Thames and raised £380.41for St Thomas' hospital.

If you have any questions about or ideas for Dancing the Change the World, please get in touch.

Dancing to change the world

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