The QTL team

QTL continues to exist thanks to the hard work of the QTL team.   From arranging our guest teachers to setting up our venue and making sure you know what's on, the QTL team want to make sure we offer something really special.  Along with the core team we would also like to thank all our guest teachers and regular members for their support and input.


Find out more about some of the team below.

Ray Batchelor
Dr Ray Batchelor, a former academic, is an historian of queer tango. He dances, teaches, campaigns, researches, writes and lectures, co-editing and contributing to The Queer Tango Book, curating The Queer Tango Image Archive and co-organising The Queer Tango Salon: Connecting Bodies of Knowledge. He has been a part of Queer Tango London since 2011.
Tom Cottle
Tom Cottle began dancing in 2012. After a few experiences at mainstream tango classes where he felt something wasn't quite right, he eventually found his way to Queer Tango London and realised what was missing; following.

Since the formation of the QTL team in 2016, he has been QTL's resident DJ and webmaster.
Gawaine Preston
Gawaine Preston has been dancing Argentine tango for several years, but only came to queer tango in 2016. He started dancing with QTL as it adds another dimension to tango – he particularly enjoy the intercambio and role-swapping. He enjoys dancing tango because of the technical challenge and the chance to dance with so many people.
Margaret Trotter
Our treasurer
Charlotte Davies
Charlotte learned to ballroom dance at her all girls grammar school (exactly as St Trinians as it sounds) and didn't realise that not everyone learned both roles for partnered dance.
She found tango after a brief flirtation with salsa in university and never looked back. She now assists with teaching and has even performed for paying punters in the exotic wilds of Cambridge.
Claudio Tedesco
Born in Buenos Aires, Claudio studied tango with Lora Hudson. He dances both roles and prefers to follow but he loves to lead milonga.
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