QTL is a London based Argentine tango organisation that is open to EVERYONE, free of the rigid structure that men must lead and women must follow'.  We believe that anyone can dance with anyone, regardless of gender or sexuality and we passionately believe in the benefits of Tango to both the mind and body.  So if you want to dance tango - and  experiment with who does what, why, and how - we want to encourage that curiosity.  You will always be welcome at QTL whoever you are and whomever you wish to dance with. 


We offer regular, friendly and inclusive events where you can dance in a safe and accepting environment.  Our regular beginner's courses are aimed at those new to dance or who want a refresher of the basics.  We also regularly welcome international guest teachers who come to share their wisdom with those of all technical levels.  In addition to our home events in the Bishopsgate Institute we engage with the wider tango community and offer queer tango teaching throughout London.  Over the coming months we hope to offer more subsidised and free events, opening the benefits of tango to all.  Find our more about all our events here.


At all our events people are encouraged to dance with and learn from each other.  So join us, get moving and let some tango into your life!


​Want to find out more? Check our FAQ, drop us a message or speak to one of the team at any of our events.

What is Queer Tango?

 A dance, freed from any perceived notions of gender roles allowing anyone to lead and to follow.