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Jewish Tango meets Queer Tango on SATURDAY 4th MARCH!

…and when it does, we dance together to LIVE MUSIC from the electrifying REVERSE POLARITY, “an ensemble bringing vocal and instrumental expertise to an exciting range of lesser-known Jewish repertoire. The musicians have well over a century’s experience at the top levels of world music and jazz. Their first programme juxtaposes sultry and melancholic Polish Jewish tango songs with upbeat Argentinian klezmer tunes.”

…add our QTL DJs, Tom Cottle’s and Claudio Tedesco’s selections Jewish-themed tango music and music from Jewish composers, singers or instrumentalists, and we have all the ingredients for a night of tango like no other on London!


Or make a note in your calendar.

Why are we doing this?

This is another part of QTL’s DANCING TO CHANGE THE WORLD.

In an age of increased homophobia, hatred, and prejudice pedalled alongside misogyny and racism, including antisemitism -

We believe that communities at risk of persecution need not stand alone.

We invite you to help us to DANCE some alliances!


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