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THIS Wednesday TERRIFIC Tango Taster!

Tempted by Tango but afraid to commit?

Try it out for an hour at the Royal Festival Hall, this Wednesday 11.00 am - 12.00 noon for FREE- no strings!

Whether this is you or some poor friend of yours who has yet to discover the BLISS of dancing tango, the opportunity is part of the South Bank’s Big Love Tea Dance Extravaganza Day,

Queer Tango London’s friendly dancers, Charlotte Davies, Gawaine Preston, Margaret Trotter and Ray Batchelor at this gender blind event (lead? follow? You choose!) at the Clore Ballroom will gently help you with your first steps, so you can start to take to the floor with confidence!

No partner needed, leather-soled shoes if you can, though socks will do.

Stop wondering! Find out!

Much, much too good to miss!

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