QTL visits...  Tango Bridge 2!

QTL visits... Tango Bridge 2!

Tito's, 4 London Bridge Street, London SE1 9SG

Class, Milonga

Leader, or follower, or both, or neither? That is the question we hope to answer.

This Wednesday the team from QTL are travelling to Tango Bridge@Tito’s to bring the art of Intercambio and role swapping to everyone. These classes are open to all skill levels and have been designed to suit dancers who are mainly or exclusively followers or leaders. That said, if you are already proficient in both roles, you will always be welcome!

In this second of two classes by our own Ray Batchelor and queer tangeuro, Shay Hamias will cover the ways we can vary the kinds and durations of the intercambio change, closing with tangos danced with no leader and no follower.

Classes run from 7.00pm – 8.00pm, followed by a Milonga till 11.00pm. Tango Bridge can be found in the basement of Tito’s Peruvian Restaurant in London Bridge, just follow the music and head down the stairs to the left of the main restaurant.